Monday, May 12, 2008

A Day in the Life of...

It's been an interesting day. At Starbucks this morning, I was given free coffee beans (Ethiopia Sidamo) from an employee. She said that the beans were good, just not fresh for selling standards. This lady has 15 children. Four of her boys play college football, and she started law school today.

I got to have Bible study in an apartment with five older teens this afternoon. One of the teens, 18, leases the apartment and has two kids. People flow in and out of the apartment through the week to spend the night. We talked about being the salt of the earth. A couple of them have been coming lately to Contact because we offer rides to church. Their former church couldn't bring them any longer.

I picked up three boys to go to karate practice. We rotate on who picks what fast food place in which to eat. Tonight was Burger King. After the three guys ordered, the lady at the register asked if I was their parole officer. Classic. I told the guys about it at the table, and they just laughed.

After getting them home, I came home to my beautiful wife and little girl at about 8:40. Two teen girls helped Sarah bake cinammon rolls for the bake sales to raise money for the teen girls' trip to Houston. One of them was still there getting to talk to Sarah and watching Miriam play "52-card-pick-up.

And, my little girl knows who she is going to marry when she gets older. Jesus. What a day! One of the blessings of life and ministry is the interesting people that we get to meet. Thank you, God, for being with us.

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