Thursday, September 6, 2007

Not Enough

As I walked into her house today, I saw her sitting on the floor. Barbara (not her real name) was very upset. Her son had just been arrested again this morning for drug possession, this time within 100 yards of a school. He is 18 and in jail as I write this. He is a Contact teen that we saw much potential in to reach amazing goals and dreams. I heard his mom say that she feels like maybe she didn't do enough to help him. All I knew to do was sit on the floor with her, listen, and lament in prayer with her.

I feel that too with the youth that come my way. "There is only so much that you can do." "You have a family to take care of." "It is their choice." Those are true, and I accept them. There are times though to lament the way the world is, the effects of a world in which there is free will. And yet, as long as he breathes, the story is not over.

God help your child in jail right now. Help his mother. Let them know that You are with them. We groan for You to make all things right and new. In Jesus name. Amen.