Saturday, December 1, 2007

At the Bus Stop

Imagine that you are driving along on a stormy day. You see the following three people:

1. An elderly woman who looks as though she is about to die

2. An old friend who once saved your life

3. The woman/man of your dreams (if you are married, imagine that you are not for this question)

Which one would you pick up, knowing that you have only one seat?

I chose the elderly woman and so did the teen guys in my group. They just figured that she needed help.

This was a question on a job application. Out of 200 applicants one was hired because he answered with the following:

I would drop off the keys with my old friend so that he could take the older lady to the hospital. Then I would stay behind waiting for the next bus with the woman of my dreams.

Ah, thinking out of the box. May the Lord help us to think in creative ways to accomplish his Kingdom work.