Sunday, March 30, 2008


Last Saturday Bob and Matt (another minister at Contact) took a few of our Contact kids to a local egg hunt. It was more of an egg "grab' than an egg "hunt". All the eggs were layed out in a field, and the kids surrounded the area. When they said, "go", the kids grabbed as many eggs as they could as fast as they could. I'm sure you can imagine the chaos! Not quite the egg hunt I was anticipating, but the kids had fun nonetheless. They had their picture made with the Easter bunny and also jumped to their hearts content in the inflated toys. Miriam and I stopped by for the toddler egg hunt - a little slower passed than the grade school hunt, thank goodness!


Ford Family said...

Miriam is beautiful!! You guys are in my prayers.

Jason & Nicole said...

Hi Bob and Sarah,
So glad you stopped by our blog. :) Miriam is so sweet!
About the futon . . . the ones we have that lay directly on the floor - we got those in Japan. I am not sure that you can buy those exact kind in the US but you can find ones similar that are foam. I am not sure who though - I think an internet search might lead you in the right direction. I think, too, Justin McCreary has one like that - he is on facebook if you need to contact him. Then of course there are the Western style futons that fold into a sofa, but could be left into a bed. You can get those anywhere from Walmart - the Futon Store. I hope that helps...wish I could be more helpful!
Love, NIcole