Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Samuel Anthony Logsdon is here!

Mama, Papa, and Samuel, shortly after his birth

Holding Samuel for the first time

Our sleeping boy

Miriam is a wonderful big sister!

Alice, our gifted midwife, with Samuel and Miriam

As most of you know, our sweet boy was born on June 2nd - one week ago today. We had a wonderful homebirth experience and feel so blessed to have a healthy baby in our arms. Samuel weighed 8 lbs. 1oz and was 20 1/2 inches long at birth. He has some dark hair just like Miriam - and seems to have the same hairline as well. :) He is a champion nurser and fairly good sleeper, for a newborn, anyway! He was born after only 3 hours of labor, which I attribute to great genes (thanks, Mom!) and being so relaxed at home. My friend Alexis was here and was a wonderful help during labor and delivery. Bob, being the super dad that he is, was able to catch Samuel. It was truly an amazing experience. We are grateful to our wonderful midwife, Alice, and to God for working through all the folks that were a part of Samuel's birth. God has been so good to us! Keep praying for us as we adjust to being a family of four. My mom went home today, so I would LOVE any prayers lifted up on my behalf as I navigate the waters of motherhood times two! Stay tuned for more pictures!!

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Tara Hicks said...

Beautiful! and congrats! we will be thinking about you guys as you adjust.