Saturday, February 7, 2009

Choir lock-in

Our annual lock-in is over... and everyone seems to have survived! Lock-ins are one of those events loved by teens and dreaded by adults. Staying up all (or nearly all) night loses its appeal sometime after 18, I think. So I am especially grateful to the three ladies that did the hard work of chaperoning this event: Kaytie Jo Stinson, Devin Dupre, and Dalene Lawrence. The lock-in was for all our choir girls - 3rd grade through high school. Eight of our girls were able to make it, an equal mix of both elementary and older girls. We planned this event with the idea that our girls needed some time to have fun together and perhaps develop a greater unity as a singing group. I showed up for a little while in the evening, and then came back in the morning with doughnuts to take the girls home. From what I saw, it was a really positive evening. We took the girls to Cici's and filled them up with pizza, then on to a late movie ("Hotel for Dogs"). By the time they got back to Contact it was late, but the girls were still energized enough to stay up most of the night doing hair and nails, singing karaoke, eating snacks, and enjoying the free reign of the building. I'll attach a few pictures of this event soon. Thanks for lifting up these special girls in your prayers!

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