Friday, January 11, 2008

Trio of sickness

For the last two weeks, Sarah, Miriam, and I have been fighting sickness. First we had a stomach bug. When I say "we," that's what I mean. This is the first time that I have ever experienced us all sick at the same time. My wife has done a great job being a nursing mom even when she feels nauseated. She has been reading some Agatha Christie books, which I believe are her way to discover new ways to get rid of her old husband. Ha.

Now we have respiratory/cold/flu bugs. Miriam is taking breathing treatments and is getting better. We have been watching way more TV than we normally do, especially for Miriam.

Reflecting on these two weeks, I think that God has taught me a lot more about taking care of self and family. I think about the times that I just toughed it out with physical sickness in college and grad school. Not only did I make it tough on my body, but also for those around me that I was contaminating with my germs. I just thought things would get better--eventually. What I did was leave little a less room for God to work. I believed a little less in the providence of God. I see now that if I lay home for two weeks sick, Kingdom work is still being done. Sure I want to get out there and touch some teen's lives. Maybe it's time learn to trust that God is already working. He is doing things that I may not have noticed while in the trenches.

Pray for us.


Terry said...

Oh, Bummer! I had been thinking about you guys this week, intending to check on you, expecting you to be better! Sorry I was slow; and sorry you're all sick again. Bet Miriam isn't minding watching extra TV! Take care of yourselves, get better, and let us know if you need anything! Love ya lots! Janet

Jason Ashlock's American Daily said...

Sarah has always been a magical nurse. The summer I almost died (he says dramatically), she brought me a steady stream of library books. I read all the short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Really liked that one about the diamond.

I'm wishing you well and wishing you wellness. Two words: Zi. Cam.

Lots of love.