Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Demonizing Single Mothers

I read that phrase in a book recently. This is what happens to single mothers in the hood. Do they make bad decisions? Yes. Do they make good decisions? Yes. Here is a story that opened my eyes a little more to their world:

One mom had an eight month old son who went to childcare. The childcare usually dropped him off, but one particular day they had to take the kids home early. They didn't have enough room for him on the first round, so he was at the childcare facility. The mom expected him home at a certain time. When he wasn't there, she went down there. When she walked in, she saw her son trying to pull himself up on his feet. Everytime he got up, the adult worker there knocked him back down with her foot. The mom watched this a few times in horror, not believing what she was seeing. She confronted the lady, and from that day on, she does not trust childcare. She told me that she doesn't work because she has kids that she wants to raise. My respect for her just went up a notch.

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Rebecca said...

Thought-provoking story. Thanks for sharing. I'm a married SAHM who has said that I would go on welfare and live with my parents before I put my kids in childcare. I have worked in childcare centers before, and I think if more parents knew what really happened at daycare centers, they would not send them there. I also worked in the social work field and had clients that were single moms on welfare, and to be honest, I was happy to see them at home with their kids even though they were on welfare. One site to check out is All of that being said, I know that there are some families who have no choice but to use childcare, and there are some good centers out there, you have to look hard but you might find them...